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HLA Annual conference 2017

Carn Software at the HLA Conference 2017

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HLA Conference 2017 Carn Software are pleased to return to the HLA Conference (Hospice Lotteries Association) from Wednesday 13th September to Thursday 14th September 2017. This year it takes place at… Read more »

HLA Annual Conference, woodland Grange hotel, Leamington Spa

Hospice Lotteries Association 2017

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Where? Carn Software are again returning to the Hospice Lotteries Association Annual Conference.  This year it’s taking place at the Woodland Grange Hotel in Leamington Spa on Wednesday 13th and… Read more »

How to engage followers with social media?

You-Tubing! Carn Software has recently expanded its social media channels with LinkedIn, Twitter and now YouTube! Social media is a communicative resource ready and waiting for businesses like us connecting with… Read more »

Celebrating 70 years of programming in April

CThe ENIAC On April 12th 1947, the world’s first general-purpose programmable computer ran the first code, giving birth to the programming profession.  This machine was called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer or ENIAC for… Read more »