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Meet Deborah Lee

Hi I’m Deborah Lee and I started working again with Carn Software in May last year after being away for almost a decade.  In that time away I spent a few years working and travelling the southern hemisphere. I also worked as a software developer for a large payroll / HR company in the UK.

When I’m not working I like to travel and experience different cultures and I have a basic understanding of French, Spanish and a little Italian.  As well as travelling extensively in Australia and New Zealand, I was lucky enough to tour South America for a couple of months.  Camping in the outback, trekking to Machu Picchu and skydiving from 15,000 ft were just a few of the highlights.

I also enjoy cycling and last year I did a sponsored cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh (47 miles) for St Andrew’s Hospice and raised over £300.  In addition, like snowboarding although I’ve still not managed to graduate past beginner level.  Furthermore, I enjoy going to the cinema so much that I have invested in an unlimited card.  Finally, I also like to relax by reading a good book or making jewellery.

Online Gift Aid Software

I am primarily working on developing an online version of our popular product GiftWise for Parishes. Parishes will use this initially as a portal to connect to the Diocese, that use our full GiftWise package.

This online solution will provide a number of benefits for both parishes and the diocese. A few of the key benefits are:

  • Can be accessed from any location or device
  • Will be optimised for tablets and mobile
  • Remove the need for backing up and restoring data
  • Diocese will have instant access to all data entered by a parish
  • No installation required on individual computers and any updates when available will be applied automatically
  • Parish will not need to connect via a VPN

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