Gift Aid AGM of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

I recently attended the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Gift Aid AGM, which took place in Burgess Hill, and introduced to the delegates the new online version of GiftWise, which is due for release later this year.  About 70 delegates from the various parishes in the diocese attended the AGM, and were interested in getting a glimpse of the future of GiftWise.  I enjoyed meeting in person some of the people I speak to regularly by telephone. It is always good to put a face to the voice!

Valued Customer

The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton is a longstanding customer of Carn Software, and has been using our services to reclaim Gift Aid and Covenants for more than 25 years.  In that period, we have gone through about 5 different versions of GiftWise, as governmental legislation changes and technology advances.

We have long had a symbiotic relationship with A&B.  The team advises us on how they would like the software to develop, which in turn improves the software for all of our clients.  We are working closely with A&B in the development of the new GiftWise programme, to ensure that it fulfils exactly the requirements for the parishes and the diocese.

Attendees of the Arundel & Brighton Gift Aid AGM

From left to right. Ian Dallas, David Goodge, Sarah Kilmartin (Financial Secretary), Lara Smith, James McKelvie, Sue Rickard, Dan Meehan.

A&B diocese is lucky in having a small team of Gift Aid organisers to oversee the development of GiftWise in the parishes and to help parish administrators in their use of the software.  Ian Dallas, Dan Meehan and David Goodge provide invaluable support to the parishes, and are constantly coming up with new ideas for GiftWise, to make organisers’ lives easier and to maximise the diocese’s return from Gift Aid.  Sue Rickard, with her assistant Lara Smith, oversees the day-to-day administration of Gift Aid in the diocesan offices. This ensures good practice in the parishes and the processing of claims to the HMRC.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with Arundel and Brighton well into the future, and look forward to the next 25 years of GiftWise!

Next week Neil Kelly will be showcasing our fabulous wedding favour feature of our LotteryMaster software. Thanks for reading!


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