Say ‘I Do…’ with LotteryMaster Wedding Favours.

LotteryMaster Wedding Favours

LotteryMaster Wedding Favours are a novel way of increasing your revenue and raising awareness of the lottery to attract new regular players.Spotlight Feature: LotteryMaster Wedding Favours

Creating wedding favours in LotteryMaster is an intuitive and straightforward process:

  • Choose the draw you wish to add the favours to
  • Enter the event name
  • Enter the customisable text you wish to appear on the favour
  • Add the number of favours required.

At the set-up stage you can also add payments (or payments can be added later).

Many of our users have found that wedding parties like to use the wedding favour as a place setting for the guests and we have upgraded LotteryMaster to make this process easy.

Easy Name Entry

There are multiple ways to enter guest names:

  • LotteryMaster can produce a printable list for the Bride/Groom to complete and this can be entered manually
  • LotteryMaster will also produce a CSV file for the Bride/Groom to complete and this can be imported
  • Names can be changed at any point

Over the years, and in conjunction with our users, we have designed various wedding favours suitable for the occasion. Birds, bells and banners feature prominently and it’s also possible to incorporate a user logo onto the favour. As with all aspects of LotteryMaster, if you have a wedding favour design in mind, we can recreate it in LotteryMaster

LotteryMaster Wedding Favours Large Image

The wedding favours are easily enhanced by printing on marbled effect or pearlescent or other custom craft paper.

Our most recent change for wedding favours is the addition of an “In Memoriam” customisable text space which allows the wedding favour to be dedicated to a special someone.

LotteryMaster will ease the laborious burden of creating and numbering favours externally.

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