Getting Involved: Carn Software joins the business blog sphere

So why a blog? When it comes to the world of Information Technology there really is no time like the present. Everything planned for tomorrow is already in the past. Nurturing communications with our customers is paramount to maintaining successful partnerships.

The purpose of this blog is to utilise this platform as an additional channel of customer service, as well as a tool to keep our products moving forward to their next stages of development.

What will we blog about?

Welcome image for blogWe will post twice a week for the first month, taking it in turns to introduce ourselves as well as introduce a product overview.  This will allow each of us to expand on our area of product expertise; highlighting each product with an overview, focus features, tutorials, FAQs and future developments.

We will also post regularly about company news and industry news. We also hope to include some future case studies featuring current users of our software.

Let’s blog a conversation!

Each post will be shared to our other social media outlets and we would encourage our readers to click ‘follow’ or ‘like’ where they can. This means any discussion points raised in the blog posts can be queried directly back to us. We would also appreciate any feedback in the comments below each post about the topics covered or indeed the blog itself.

Looking to the future as a reader you can expect a post per week. We really appreciate the time you have taken to see what this blog is all about and we can’t wait to share with your more content over the coming weeks and months.

If you can please leave a comment or why not subscribe to our newsletter, there is a quick subscription link on the right side column.

Thanks for reading!

The next steps

The Story of Us – We will give an introduction to who we are, a brief history of the company and a run through of what we do.



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