From Old Caledonia to New Caledonia

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Carn Software travels further than ever before!

A customer from New Caledonia in the South Pacific recently contacted us to purchase ParishRegister for his parishioners in the Diocese of Nouméa on the island.  From our offices in Coatbridge (Scotland) I had several emails back and forth with him. We chatted about the lovely weather and the different time zones we were both in.  I looked up New Caledonia, having not really known much about this Pacific Paradise.  This was the first picture I found!

Blue Water of New Caledonia

Araucaria columnaris, New Caledonia.  By my LifeShow from Paris, France – NC21, CC BY 2.0,

Some facts

New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France, located in the southwest Pacific and east of Australia.  As French is one of the main languages there, the customer had requested the reports, which output from our software be translated into French.  Many aspects of our software titles can be customised and we always work closely with the client to deliver what they want.

New Caledonia was named so by Captain James Cook, during his second voyage in 1774.  Cook first sighted the islands on 4th September 1774 and he thought the north east of the island reminded him of Scotland!  One may presume the photograph above is NOT from the north east!

I have put myself forward for some onsite training….I enjoyed finding out about this part of the world….







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