Parish Software


Membership database which organises your parish member details

ParishBase is a Parish membership database which facilitates the organisation of member’s details for the efficient running of the Parish.

  • Inbuilt postcode facility.
  • Wide variety of ready made reports and lists.
  • User can define their own headings for these reports.
  • Full mailing facility with ability to set up a personal letterhead.
  • You can produce (either numerically or graphically) a selection of your Parish Statistics based on Church status, classifications, age and districts.

Price:  £149 plus VAT  (multi-buy discount on Parish Software Titles – please contact us)



Administer the Baptismal, Marriage, Confirmation and Death records for your parish.

ParishRegister allows the parish to store its Baptismal, Marriage, Confirmation and Death registers electronically, and to access and analyse the information easily.

As genealogical research is becoming ever more popular, it is more important now than ever to have parish records easily accessible.  ParishRegister has powerful, yet easy-to-use search facilities for all sacraments.

  • Easy entry of historical sacramental data.
  • Easy search facility for all sacraments.
  • Baptismal Certificate printing.
  • Graphical facility for each sacrament.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Storing and viewing of register page images – no need to access original registers.
  • Unlimited capacity for all sacraments.

Price:  £149 plus VAT  (multi-buy discount on Parish Software Titles – please contact us)


Parish software for the administration of Parish income and expenditure accounts

ParishPence has been designed to make parish accounting as straightforward as possible for your parish, whilst complying with the requirements of the Charities Act.

To meet the requirements of most Churches ParishPence organises the accounts in a two tier structure. The first tier is used to match the major headings in the Annual Return and the second tier is used to match to the individual headings such as Offertory, Wages etc…

  • Unlimited number of bank accounts – with funds being easily transferred from one to another using the full Journal facility. The Journal is also used to correct erroneous transactions.
  • Handles split transactions and double entry in a logical and straightforward way incorporating automatic checks to ensure correct data entry.
  • Trial balances and automatic bank reconciliation are also featured. These allow the Treasurer to monitor the integrity of the accounts on a day to day basis if required.
  • A full balance sheet incorporating all bank accounts is easily produced when required.
  • Backup all data to standard floppy disk.
  • Fully automatic End of Year Routine. This function clears out the previous year’s data and transfers all the closing balances to be the new opening balances. This leaves the program ready for the new year’s accounts.

Price:  £149 plus VAT  (multi-buy discount on Parish Software Titles – please contact us)