A Pirate Adventure in Leamington Spa at the Annual HLA

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It’s almost a fortnight ago now, although it seems much shorter, since Deborah and I attended the annual HLA Conference at Woodland Grange hotel in Leamington Spa.  It was a departure from Stratford upon Avon in recent years, but it was a grand setting and a lovely change of scenery.

Taking place over the course of two days, the conference is a great chance to catch up with our current users, chat to new customers and showcase our software to all.

We also enjoyed chatting to other fundraising providers about forming potential partnerships.

The Theme for the annual HLA

There was a pirate theme for the conference this year, with requests for each person to take away at least one “golden nugget”!  Carn Software were happy to provide just that with our latest software offering, a HospiceMaster demonstration.

However we were offering an alternative nugget of pirate treasure in the form of a Tunnock’s tea cake.

Tunnocks Teacakes at the annual HLA

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