GiftWise for Parishes

GiftWise for Parishes is Administration software to assist the recording of Gift Aid payments and claims

GiftWise for Parishes Front Image

Many Roman Catholic and Church of England, dioceses of the UK use Carn Software to process their Gift Aid claims. Currently over 75% of Roman Catholic Gift Aids claimed in the UK are managed by our software. Carn Software designed GiftWise for Parishes specifically for parishes, helping them administer old-style Covenants and the new Gift Aid payments.

GiftWise for Parishes is a very powerful, yet easy-to-use package which streamlines the administration of Gift Aid payments. This minimises the amount of time parishes spend on paperwork.

Archiving of Data

GiftWise for Parishes has an automatic data archiving facility. This in turn, allows you to keep previous years’ data on your computer, therefore available to check historical data. Data Security Backing up data is very important, in the event that your computer should develop a serious fault. This process of backing up is a simple one in GiftWise for Parishes and takes only a few moments.

Help and Support

When you purchase GiftWise for Parishes, you get a full year’s telephone and email support. We have a number of staff available to take your call. You can easily access the built in help files, accessed by clicking on the help icon.


GiftWise for Parishes is password protected with three levels. The top level password allows the user access to all information in the system, while the the other levels of access will not see any donor’s personal details. An administrator can enter envelope donations every week, using the envelope numbers, without having to know to whom the envelopes belong. Only the user with the top level password can change passwords.


A comprehensive selection of tailored reports is available, in which the user can choose the information to print. Reporting to the diocese at the end of the tax year therefore is easy!

Letter Writing

Letter writing facilities allow the parish to keep donors up-to-date with their payment history and to inform them of the claims you have made on their behalf. The latter is now important, as many donors require this for self-assessment tax return forms. The user can create an unlimited amount of standard letters on GiftWise for Parishes and print the appropriate letter when necessary. Furthermore, GiftWise for Parishes can interface the data with standard third-party Word Processing packages.

Label Printing

GiftWise for Parishes will print labels in a variety of standard formats. These may be used for envelope books, or for writing to donors.

Easy Data Entry

GiftWise for Parishes has simple data entry procedures, which means that the weekly entry of envelope donations and standing order payments each month is an efficient operation. If your diocese uses Carn Software’s system for Gift Aid administration, we can extract your parish’s data from the diocesan system. ¬†GiftWise for Parishes with your donors’ names and addresses already entered, thus considerably reducing the time required to set up the new software.

Post Code Facility

We can supply the official Royal Mail postcodes for your parish’s area with GiftWise for Parishes. You need only enter a new donor’s door number and post code, and the full address will insert. Consequently, this ensures faster, more accurate data entry.