4 Super Steps To A Super Draw With DrawMaster

Do you run a “Summer Super Draw” or a “Mid Summer Draw Raffle”?

These extra Super Draws can raise much needed funds for your hospice, perhaps enough to cover the full cost of your day hospice for a month.

DrawMaster Video Image - Super Draw

Easy Super Draw

Our DrawMaster software was written specifically for these super draws and it works in four easy steps:

  1. Setup (import mailing house spreadsheet)
  2. Wait for the tickets to arrive at the hospice
  3. Enter the tickets using the ticket number
  4. Draw the winning prizes

I’d like to expand on the steps.

  1. Your mailing house sends out the raffle tickets, they send you a spreadsheet containing name/address/ticket range for each player and we import this file into DrawMaster
  2. Wait for the tickets coming in.
  3. From the mailing house data, DrawMaster knows the ticket range each player was sent, so data entry is very easy. Simply enter the ticket number and DrawMaster will display all of the tickets in the range for that player.
    • DrawMaster uses a tick box system to record tickets
    • If a ticket is sold to another player, you can add “other” personal details to the ticket
    • DrawMaster can record extra donations (Gift Aid and non Gift Aid)
    • DrawMaster can record if a donor would like an acknowledgement letter
  4. Once all of your tickets have been entered, the winner is picked at the touch of a button

Take a look at our short video demonstration here.

All of our DrawMaster users have already started their summer super draw campaign, make yours easier with DrawMaster!


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