The Story of Us

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The Story of Us

The Carn Software story begins back in October 1994, when the company was formed by James McKelvie, principally to service the software needs of the church and charity sector.

The line-up

Neil Kelly, James McKelvie, Kirsty Lee Walker, Anne McKenna, David Rodger and Deborah Lee  (Clockwise from back left)

We currently have a staff of 6, most of whom have worked for the company for a substantial period. A supportive group, we all help each other to provide a first-class service to our clients.

James McKelvie (managing director), Neil Kelly (director and programming supervisor) and David Rodger (programmer) have all worked for the company for over 20 years.  Kirsty Lee Walker (programmer) has worked at Carn Software for 12 years.  Deborah Lee (senior programmer) has worked for Carn Software over two different periods, beginning in 2003 and recently returning to the company in May 2016.  Anne McKenna came on board in 2013 as accounts administrator.

What we do

We have developed several software products over our 20 plus years, working closely with our clients to deliver an effective product, directed at their needs and requirements.  Most noteworthy, our core software range presently is:

  • GiftWise
  • LotteryMaster
  • DrawMaster
  • FundsMaster

GiftWise has a long history within the company and over the years has gone from strength to strength.  The GiftWise software enables Dioceses to manage the tax reclaimed from the Inland Revenue via the Gift Aid Scheme.  GiftWise is now industry standard in the Anglican and Roman Catholic Church in the UK.  approximately, as a result 75% of all the UK Catholic Gift Aid’s, amounting to the sum of 12 million pounds, are processed using our software. 

In 1996, a local authority approached James to produce a software package for the administration of school funds. The resulting software, FundsMaster proved very successful and is now in use in a large number of primary and secondary schools in the UK.

In the coming weeks each member of the team will feature a product or service we provide.  Furthermore, they will also provide hints, tips and news of future developments.  Stay tuned!

Coming next

Our first team member and product specialist will be James McKelvie (Managing Director) who will be introducing our popular GiftWise software and providing an overview of its features and development.

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